Here’s What You Need to Know About DUI Conviction and DUI Lawyers

If you’ve been convicted for driving under the influence in Orange County, you probably need a DUI lawyer. But what exactly does a DUI lawyer do and how do you find the best Orange County DUI lawyers? Well, these are some of the questions we are going to explore over the next few sections.


What Does DUI Mean?

Regardless of the US state, you are from, a DUI is a crime assessed whenever you are found operating a vehicle after taking any amount of alcohol or other drugs that affect your ability to drive safely. That is because it might hinder your senses and affect your on-road performance. It is important to note that prescription medications are also a part of the drugs that can put you under the influence as stated by the law. Depending on your location, this offense is commonly known as driving under the influence of the DUI. Some states use a similar term called ‘driving while intoxicated’ (DWI) or Operating While Intoxicated (OWI). Either way, they indicate the same thing.

When you are convicted of DUI, you will get a criminal conviction and receive a criminal sentence. This can be serving community service, paying a fine, or even jail time. In addition to the sentence, your driving license may be either be revoked or suspended. This, however, will depend on the severity of the offense and the results of your DMV hearing. You might not experience more severe charges if you have committed the offense for the first time.

If you are stuck in a situation like this, consulting the best Orange County DUI attorneys is an excellent idea. These professionals will help you retain driving privileges and if possible avoid a conviction. Alternatively, you might be eligible for a reduced sentence or dismissal.

Either way, a good DUI lawyer will ensure the case is dismissed if at all possible They will also complete the paperwork on your behalf and focus on reducing charges. If you have already been convicted of the crime, these professionals might also negotiate for a lesser sentence, or suggest proper treatment diversion programs for you.

The right attorney will simplify this legal debacle and help you steer clear of the situation with less complexity. If, however, you still aren’t convinced, here are some of the benefits of hiring these DUI lawyers.

The Benefits of Hiring a DUI Lawyer

Here are some of the top benefits of hiring a DUI lawyer.

An Attorney can Advise You honestly

One of the biggest benefits of getting yourself represented by a lawyer is that they offer you just the right kind of advice. These professionals will inform you when you should and shouldn’t speak. Additionally, they might also offer to advise regarding taking your own defense. Most lawyers advise you against this move as it opens the possibility of being counter-questioned by legal prosecutors.

Experience with local Courts

Whether you are facing a DUI charge for the first, second, or third time, you do not have enough experience dealing with the local court. Unless you’ve spent plenty of time in the criminal court (which we are certain you haven’t) you probably don’t know as much as your DUI attorney. These professionals are more familiar and experienced when it comes to handling courtroom issues. While these professionals haven’t faced the judge as much when compared to public defenders, they still have decent experience with the local judge, local jury, and every other local rule that applies to the court.

Tracks All Deadlines

Most DUI cases come with complex deadlines that might appear elusive at the outset. For instance, if you do not request the footage of police dashcam within proper time, then getting adequate evidence for potential police misconduct might almost seem impossible. Additionally, there are plenty of motions that should be filled out in a DUI case. And the best person to do this is your orange county attorney. These professionals have the necessary expertise in submitting the filings much before the due dates. The best part: they will also guide you at every step and clarify your doubts about every relevant process.

Handle the Prosecutor

Unless you’ve professionally studied law, there is no way you can effectively handle a prosecutor. This is especially true for the ones who tend to be more strict and tough. With a DUI attorney, you will be completely covered in this department. These professionals will work with your local prosecutor for hammering out all plea bargains. Additionally, they will also find the best alternatives for offenders charged with drunken driving. These professionals have several years of trust and goodwill. That is why negotiating will be easier on their part. In many cases, prosecutors won’t even attempt negotiation if you represent yourself as a defendant.

Obliterate Your Conviction

If you already have a conviction in place, DUI attorneys will help get it obliterated. Thanks to their years of expertise and experience, doing this will be extremely easy. Remember, it is important to expunge (remove) your conviction because it might affect your potential employment or credit history in the long run. That said, the process of obliterating convictions in state and court specific. And when you choose the right orange county attorney, they will navigate it with complete ease.

Bottom Line

Now that you know how a DUI lawyer can help you choose the best Orange County DUI attorneys and simplify your legal mess more conveniently. These expert professionals will counsel and assist you, helping you handle the situation better. They will also work their way through the court, thereby ensuring that your sentence reduced to the minimum. If you are a first-time offender, they might also be able to drop the charges on your behalf. That said, if you are looking to avail the best services from these experts, it is important to choose the right professional for the job. Make sure the attorney you have chosen is competent with handling DUI cases. Also, look for testimonials to see if they have actually handled similar cases. Finally, ensure that the professional you’ve picked is licensed and certified. Once you consider these essential factors, choosing the best orange county DUI lawyer will be simpler.

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