When and Why Should You Hire A DUI Lawyer in Orange County

A DUI case in Orange County is not easy to deal with especially when you do not understand the legalities and related complexities. Without knowing your legal rights and limitations, you cannot do much to get the decision in your favor. In that condition, you might be wondering whether you should hire the best Orange County DUI lawyer or protect your interests on your own.

The best Orange County DUI lawyer can offer more benefits. You will have to hire a lawyer that has experience in the DUI case. The experience will help them to present your case in the best possible manner.


A DUI case can lead to dire consequences if the decision does not go in your favor. The punishment for driving under the influence in Orange County will vary significantly than the rest of the state. Orange Country is known for harsh DUI penalties and you should not expect any exception in your case. You can only hire the best DUI lawyer in Orange County to fight your case on your behalf. In this article, we will discuss DUI penalties and the benefits of hiring an Orange County DUI lawyer.

DUI Penalties

The penalties will vary depending on the offender. If you are the first-time offender, then it will be less severe than the second time, and third time defender. More importantly, the penalty can be increased when your DUI enhancement is alleged.

 First Time DUI Penalty

 If you are a first-time offender, then you are comparatively in a better position than in other counties that prosecute DUIs. However, there will be some punishment. Here are the details.

  • Completion of one-day MADD course
  • Summary probation for three years
  • 3-month Alcohol/Drug program completion
  • Fine and penalties around $2000
  • Suspension of driving license for six months
  • Driving can be permitted with an Ignition Interlock Device for six months

Second Time DUI Penalty

 Second time punishment will be severe compared to the first time DUI. You might send it to jail for up to one year. Here are the details.

  • Summary probation from three to five years
  • Penalty and a fine up to $2000
  • Jail for ninety-six hours to one year. It is common in Orange Country for the second time DUI offender to be sentenced for forty-five to ninety days jail. Sometimes, it is converted to the Caltrans or home confinement
  • Eighteen to thirty-month Drug/Alcohol program completion Judges of Orange County might assign some additional duties such as to perform community service or attend AA classes
  • Ignition Interlock Device Installation for one year

Third Time DUI Penalty

If you are third time offer, then obviously the penalty amount will be more. Also, you might need to spend more time in jail. Here are the details of the punishment or penalty.

  • Minimum 120 days jail sentence
  • Summary probation for three to five years
  • Fine and penalty up to $2800
  • Thirty months Drug/ Alcohol program completion
  • Ignition and Interlock Device installation for two years

From the above, you might have realized the severity of the punishment for DUI offenders. However, if you will prove that you were not driving under the influence, you will not get any of these punishments. There are certain procedures and tests that you need to go through after a DUI arrest. If you might be thinking that it is easy to win the case when you were not driving under influence. But this is not that easy, and a lawyer can only help you to understand the process and how to deal it with more effectively. Professionals can handle this matter intelligently.

Benefits of Hiring the Best Orange County DUI Lawyer

The key benefit is that you will not have to go through all the hassles. Your lawyer will take care of everything. They know the process and the evidence that can make your case strong and can influence the judiciary. Here are some benefits of hiring a Best DUI lawyer in Orange County.

Legal Expertise

DUI lawyers have the experience of dealing with similar kinds of cases. They know which evidence can be helpful and which can offer adverse results. They know the tests, science, and law of the DUI cases. Their experience will help you to end up with a better outcome.

Cost-effective Solution

Some believe that they will have to spend more if they hire experienced DUI lawyers. However, the process will be cost-effective. Your attorney can help to get your case to the lower charges.  That will save you thousands of dollars in penalties, insurance, fees, and alcohol school.

Know Your Rights

You do not know your legal rights and how to protect them. A reputed DUI lawyer is thoroughly experienced. Your lawyer will review your case to know the condition of the arrest. Also, police must prove a valid probable cause to justify their claim. They will also help you to ensure that the breath test was done properly according to the law. You cannot do all these without knowing your legal rights.

Keep You Out of Jail

From the above penalty section, you might have an idea that you will be sent to jail if the police prove that you were driving under the influence. Your Lawyer will go to the details and will gather all the evidence to prove that you were not driving under the influence. More importantly, they know which evidence can get a decision in your favor. Also, they will minimize the stress by taking care of the court. You can move on when the lawyer will be fighting your case in court.

 Save Your Driving License

In Orange County, it is difficult to win the DMV hearing. A lawyer is the only one who can help you to save your driving license. Contact your lawyer immediately to avoid the suspension of your driving license.

A DUI case in Orange County can create difficulties in your life. It might lead to suspension of license and send you to jail as well. Therefore, it is important to hire the best Orange County DUI lawyer to present your case. The key to success is experience. You can research the available lawyers and choose the one who has a good reputation for winning similar cases.

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