Attributes And Qualities Of A Good DUI Lawyer In Orange County

Quite a few of us make the mistake of driving when we are under the influence of drinks or other such substances. This is a serious offense and therefore if we are caught, it is important for us to hire the right lawyers to handle things for us. However, with so many options being available hiring the appropriate Orange County DUI attorney could be a big challenge. But you cannot delay the process because this could make all the difference from being absolved of DUI charge or being punished for it.

Conviction for a DUI offense is extremely dangerous and it could lead to catastrophic consequences. Therefore, the first step is to try and identify the right DUI lawyers. However, it would be better if you we are aware of the various attributes and qualities to be kept in mind when it comes to hire these professionals. We are listing down some of the major qualities that make a good DUI lawyer great.


DUI Experience    

This is one of the basic things that you must bear in mind when hiring an Orange County DUI lawyer. You must always try and hire only lawyers who have special experience and expertise in DUI. They must have had special qualifications in this area. Quite often lawyers with experience in other fields often advertise about their capabilities about being efficient DUI lawyers. This may not be true because handling a DUI charge is a completely different cup of tea when compared to handling other civil and criminal cases. Therefore, the first task is to try and look only for those lawyers and attorneys who have specific qualification and experience in the area of DUI offense.

Ready to Meet You    

There are many large law companies that are run by junior staff, though the main persons at the helm of the affairs may be a qualified and experience DUI lawyer. Quality DUI lawyer firms and individuals will certainly be willing to meet the clients personally instead of let the juniors do the job. While there is nothing wrong in the juniors looking after the day to day activities of the case once it is taken up by the courts, professionals DUI individual lawyers and companies would always be keen to meet the clients. This will help them to understand the details of the DUI offense more clearly and also bring a sort of empathy for the clients. The ice will be broken and therefore the communication lines will be simpler, easier and free from hiccups and hesitations.

Research Skills    

Good lawyers are those who have the best of research skills. While their capability to research on legal matters and rules is important, they also should be able to research in details about the specific case. They should be willing to research in detail about the alleged crime committed by their clients. This is very vital because this could lead to certain events and circumstances that the cops might have overlooked. This could lead to a better understanding of the case and it will stand in good stead when it comes up for hearing in the respective court of law. This is one of the most important attributes that turns a good lawyer into the best Orange County DUI lawyer.

Good Negotiating Skills     

It would be pertinent to understand that a large number of DUI cases get settled out of court. Quite often the defense team and the prosecution team sit down and try and arrive at a compromise. The compromise formula is then taken to the honorable court for consideration and approval by the learned Judge. Good DUI lawyers are those who are good at negotiating skills and are ready to negotiate hard and skillfully. This comes with experience and expertise and it takes time and effort to reach this level.

Courtroom Demeanor     

There is quite a bit of formality and pre-set rules that have to be followed by the attorney when fighting DUI cases on behalf of clients. Hence, the onus lies on the lawyers to fall the rules and regulations so that the clients and they are on the right side of the law. Further, they also need to steely and must also have to engage in some theatrics. This is needed to overcome the intimidating behavior of some judges. All these attributes do not happen overnight and it certainly requires quite a bit of experience and expertise.


In some cases the situation might look quite untenable for the client, but quality DUI attorney would not like to give up even in some trying and demanding situations. They believe in being at it and are very persevering in their jobs. This works in almost all fields and as far as DUI lawyers are concerned, this is a very positive and good attribute that could help win cases for their clients.

Knowledge and Analytical Skills    

It is important for these professionals to have a sharp mind and must be able to make judgments that are quick. It could be when they are negotiating an out of court settlement or challenging the prosecution or presenting his or her arguments before the jury. He or she needs to be analytical and should be in thinking mode at all points in time. They also should be fully informed about the current laws pertaining to DUI and must ensure that their knowledge levels are always updated and relevant.

Understanding the Police    

Defense attorneys may be arguing against the police in a DUI case, but that does not mean that he or she must not have good relationships with the police. Good DUI lawyers always try and maintain a healthy and professional’s relationships with the police. This will help them to understand the mind of the police and it also will be of use when it comes to extracting the right kind of information from them at any given point in time.

Finally, good communications is a must for being successful as a Best DUI lawyer. The lawyers must be excellent public speakers and they must use their skill both inside and outside the courtroom. They also must have excellent writing skills because this will help them to transmit their thought in the minds eloquently on paper.

Hence, you must look at the above attributes and more when you are planning to hire these professionals. Researching and then deciding fast is the name of the game and it should be done intelligently and logically.

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