Why you need a DUI lawyer

If you have been arrested for Driving Under Influence (DUI), you will definitely get a lot of unasked advice. Your well-intentioned relatives and friends will tell you how to plead and whether the services of Orange County criminal law lawyers are important. They will tell you stories relating to how someone’s brother benefited from the services of a bankruptcy lawyer or how a lawyer did a great job to prevent a driver’s license suspension.

Some of the people will offer great advice, but only if they are Orange County Criminal Law Lawyers. If they are not, you should get the advice from a qualified lawyer. If engaging the services of a DUI attorney is seemingly expensive, a free consultation will help you work out the available options. Here are some other reasons you should get the services of a Criminal Defense Lawyer Orange County.


–  Your future and the police record will be at a great risk

A DUI will be scary on various levels. It can be awful because you are simply innocent or might be the unpleasant awakening to your drinking problem. Moreover, it can be more frightening due to its long-term effects. In Orange County, it is likely to remain in your driving record forever and you will not manage to take it off.

A felony or misdemeanor on the record will affect your chance of getting the apartment or driving job you need. The DUI can be more expensive when it comes to the legal fees and car insurance if the insurance provider happens to drop you. And if you lose the driver’s license for a full year, you will heavily rely on the public transit or your bike. When that happens, you will definitely feel ashamed or guilty. To prepare for the future, you just need to get the relevant treatment and engage the services of an Orange County Criminal Law Lawyer.

–  You not conversant with the legal proceedings

Most people refer to it as the legal system. However, that is not the best name considering that the system is complex and will make you weep out of confusion. You should not watch one of the TV shows and expect to go through the DUI proceedings successfully – they are full of dramatization and misinformation. If it is your first arrest, you will be overwhelmed and confused.

Therefore, you will have to work with an experienced DUI lawyer and avoid representing yourself in the trial. A good lawyer will help you avoid the chances of paying huge bails or becoming subject of pre-trial alcohol monitoring and supervision or any other condition.

Orange County Criminal Law Lawyers know the DUI law in and out. They know how to deal with every step – from the arraignment, interpretation of the police report to assessment and the fight of urine and breathing test. The lawyers know the best way to plead. They will also contest how the police followed their procedures.

–  The public defenders are always busy

Most public defenders do a great job. However, they are overloaded. The caseload might be very heavy for them to commit their energy and time to your DUI case. Quick extra research will be helpful if it will uncover all the helpful details.

You are likely to find a great public defender, but considering the nature of DUI convictions, you will require the services of an attorney who can devote his/her time to your case. Unlike with DUI lawyers, you will not be able to pick a new public defender if you are unhappy with the first one.

–  Will help you avoid the driver’s license suspension

When charged with a DUI, expect to deal with the DMV in addition to the court. Only an Orange County Criminal Law Lawyer can handle the license suspension issues. When contesting the DMV driver’s license suspension, keep in mind that your time will be limited – delays can lead to losing the opportunity. A DUI lawyer will file the petition on your behalf with an attempt of un-suspending your driver’s license, get it back and explain the whole process to you.


The overall benefit of engaging a drunk driving lawyer relates to their understanding of the consequences of the drunk driving arrest and the associated rules. In fact, the effects are serious and big. They include loss of the driver’s license, large fines, jail time in addition to permanent marks on your driving record. To avoid that, you need the services of a lawyer.

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