Facts You Must Know about DUI

Understanding the legalities and things concerning state law can be difficult sometimes. Moreover, if one feels as if they are wrongly being alleged of a crime they have not committed, getting help becomes a task. Since it is a criminal offense, the person will also require an Orange County DUI defense attorney to help them. Here is a thorough guide to understanding DUI in Orange County.



What is DUI?

Driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) is an offense. If on inspection the police find out that an individual is drunk or intoxicated while driving, the police file a DUI charge against the individual. Since it is a criminal offense, a DUI will entail a criminal sentence. Every state has its own set of sentences regulated for a DUI case. These sentences can range from immediate license suspension to jail time ranging from a few days to years. Each DUI case is based on the alcohol concentration percentage that was recorded in the person.

How does a person get charged with DUI?

The police have certain check posts at every highway and main roads. There are high chances that on days such as New Years’ or other alcohol-centric occasions the police will want you to get a BAC test done. A BAC test stands for Blood Alcohol Concentration. This test determines how drunk a person is. The police will ask you to breathe into a pipe that is connected to the device which will check the concentration of alcohol in your bloodstream. If the device shows a higher concentration of alcohol, the person might be charged with a bigger sentence such as years in jail. The percentage of alcohol concentration will indicate the sentence that will be given to the person.

What are the sentences for DUI in Orange County?

The sentence depends on how many times the person has been charged for DUI. If it is the first time, the court will put the person on probation for around three years. Additionally, the person’s license gets suspended. With that, the person will also have to pay a fine and attend an alcohol program that might range from three to nine months. For those who have been charged with DUI more than once have to serve at the county jail as well. Those who have committed the crime for the third or fourth time being sentenced to twelve to sixteen months in an Orange County jail. Moreover, their alcohol program time period is increased as well as the fine amount. A DUI charge can become costly since the first DUI charge fine starts at 1000$. Within ten days of the DUI arrest, individuals should ensure a scheduled hearing with the Department of Motor Vehicles in their county. If this is not done, the individual’s license will be automatically suspended.

When to get an Orange County DUI defense Attorney?

If a person is charged with DUI, it is not just about the penalties they will be subjected to. The cost of a sentence against DUI is not just about a person’s criminal record. It leaves a big impact on the rest of the person’s life this includes the person’s job as well. Consulting an Orange County DUI defense attorney before pleading guilty in court is crucial. The individual whether charged correctly or not should make sure that they have a well trained and professional Orange County criminal defense attorney by their side before presenting themselves in court. The DUI defense attorney will help the individual get a lower penalty, reduce the fine amount, reduce the alcohol program time period etc. If the individual has a strong Orange County DUI defense attorney, they will also be able to get to drive from home to work and back. The restricted license will help the convicted person to drive only to specific areas. If this restriction is broken, the person might have to face severe consequences.

A DUI charge can jeopardize an individual’s career. It is more dangerous for those looking for jobs and giving interviews. If a DUI charge is found during an employee’s screening, companies and firms interpret it as the person being irresponsible and unreliable. Moreover, it can cause moral and ethical issues for those who have children. If a person is wrongly charged for DUI, the consequences still remain the same. Therefore, in order to ensure minimum damage, it is extremely important for people to understand the importance of contacting an Orange County DUI attorney.

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