What Can Happen When You Get a DUI?

There are many cases that would happen when you are arrested for driving under the influence in Orange County. If you are convicted of drunken driving and want to get back your driving privileges, everything tends to be really costly. Fines, court appearances, and even fees for Orange County criminal law lawyers are just a few things you have to deal with. Keep reading to find out anything else would occur when you get a DUI.


1. Arrest

The first thing which would occur when you are arrested for drunk driving is that you are put into a police car and taken to a jail or police station. There your mug shot or photograph would be taken and you would also be fingerprinted. In this case, however, you could be released quickly when your friends or relatives come and pay your bail to drive you home.

2. Court appearance

At the time when you are arrested, you would be given a summons or ticket which specify the date you need to show up in court to face DUI charges. For many drivers, it might be an ashamed experience to have a public appearance to answer these charges. In cases of serious accidents, you might need to hire a criminal defense lawyer Orange county to get better results.

3. Loss of driver’s license

Even when you are convicted for the first time, the sentence might include the loss of your driving license for a specific period of time. Even in those states which provide a hardship license and allows drivers to drive to school or work when your license is suspended or revoked, your driving privileges could be significantly limited. If you refuse to submit a blood test or take a sobriety test at the field, your driver’s license would be suspended immediately before the court appearance.

4. Fine

If you are guilty of driving under the influence, a fine might be a part of the sentence. Every state has laws setting the maximum and minimum amount for drunken driving, but these penalties could be increased by other related circumstances. For instance, if you damage property or injure somebody, the fines will be definitely higher.

5. Jail

In many states, a jail term has become mandatory for drunken driving offenders. For first-offender, this typically lasts 1 or 2 days and could be served on weekends. For repeated offenders, the terms will be longer than just a few days. Again, the penalties could be increased if there is any aggravating circumstance related to your DUI cases.

6. Probation term

Even when you aren’t sentenced to any jail term for your conviction, there might be a probation sentence with specific terms which are decided by the judge. A failure to meet these terms can send you to jail, even when you are a famous celebrity. Keep in mind that you have to pay for all expenses during the probation. This is typically a monthly fee for supervising and administering the probated sentence.

7. Drunk driving schools

In many jurisdictions, you need to finish a drug and alcohol education program to take back your driving privileges a DUI conviction. This is often organized in a drunken driving school. These classes will incorporate hours of education about drunken driving prevention and an overall assessment of drinking habits. There might be a fee for attendance, and you should pay for it before getting back the driver’s license.

8. Higher auto insurance

In many states, if you are convicted of drunken driving, it is mandatory to purchase a special form of insurance policy, which is called the SR-22 insurance, before driving a car again. The cost of this policy could double or triple the premiums. In most cases, you might be required to buy this most expensive insurance for up to three years.

9. Ignition interlock unit installation

Another thing can happen when you are under a DUI conviction is the requirement of installing an ignition interlock device on your personal car. This can also be applied for first-time offenders. This type of equipment will require you to ensure an alcohol-free breath result before starting the vehicle. The installation cost and monthly fee for operating this device can be extremely costly, and you will be required to pay for them.

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