Criminal Defense Lawyer Orange County

Being charged with a felony crime or misdemeanor in Orange County is not something you should take lightly. You need to seek the counsel of a well experienced criminal defense attorney who will represent you. Orange County prosecutors are keen on obtaining a conviction, including convincing a jury or judge of your guilt if they need to.


You need to hire our Orange County Criminal defense attorney because we offer excellent services including:

  1. Helping and guiding you through the legal process, which includes completing paperwork, being present in the courtroom, and carrying out other procedures in the courtroom
  2. Going through all available evidence including knowing the evidence the prosecution has on you to come up with a strong defense
  • Building a workable defense, which includes presenting evidence, using expert witnesses, as well as refuting the prosecution
  1. Working towards obtaining A plea bargain and alternative sentencing to lessen conviction consequences, which you need an attorney to do.
  2. Working towards preserving your record: Our criminal defense attorney will maximize your chances of acquittal. Being convicted can damage your record and disqualify you from getting your dream job.

With 25 years of experience, our attorneys will provide the best representation and ensure that your rights and future are preserved. We have represented hundreds of clients in Orange County with great results.

Are you facing an Orange County DUI or other related charges?

You need an experienced Orange County DUI attorney. A DUI is a very serious criminal offense with hash and long-term effects on your finances, as well as your future if you don’t succeed in convincing the court. Accepting such charges means facing heavy fines, lots of drunk driving school, as well as community service hours, in addition to years of augmented insurance premiums. You need the best DUI lawyer in Orange County to fight your DUI charges to lessen the consequences, as well as penalties you could have imposed. Our lawyers will help reduce the negative effects DWI/DUI charges have on you.

Orange County has very tough criminal DUI procedures, in addition to stringent state laws. It penalizes drivers with any amount of alcohol over a 0.08% Blood Alcohol Content (BAC), in addition to those with a BAC below .08% in certain circumstances, such as being under 21. A BAC above .08% attracts DUI (Driving While Intoxicated) charges while a BAC below .08% attracts DWAI (Driving While Ability Impaired). The state considers DWI a very serious offense meaning that as an offender, you will be highly stigmatized in court. As a fact, drug driving is a huge problem in Orange County with most accidents occurring as a result of intoxicated or impaired drivers. Courts discourage other drivers from driving while intoxicated by making an example with you as a DUI offender, by taking a tough, impatient position to deliver serious DUI penalties.

All Orange County residents facing DUI charges have the right to a comprehensive representation, as well as an objective court. In most cases, however, your right of “innocent until proven otherwise” is often ignored in efforts to send a message to other possible drunk drivers within Orange County. You are always advised to call an experienced Orange County DUI lawyer without wasting any time if you have been charged with drunk driving.

Trust a DUI& Criminal Defense Lawyer in Orange County

DUI, as well as drug possession charges, have many different ways in which they can be approached. A criminal defense lawyer in Orange County will inspect your charge circumstances and guide you on the best way forward. DWI will mostly involve form-filling for limited driving privileges including revocation & the fitting of ignition interlock devices. Our DWI attorney will assist you to file such paperwork and enlighten you on your new driving privileges condition. If facing drug charges, a criminal defense attorney will obtain an alternative sentencing for you to lessen your jail term and prevent future drug charges. Call today to plan for a free consultation with our DWI & Criminal defense attorney here in Orange County, California.

Your charges could appear to be insignificant or quite severe. The truth is that an experienced attorney’s counsel and presentation will definitely benefit you. Our criminal defense and DUI attorney is quite competent in this field. Our successful outcomes fighting DUI cases portray our extensive experience. Our aggressive lawyers are famous for our focus on obtaining the best possible results for you. Here in Orange County, it only takes a few days before your driver’s license is revoked.

You need to contact us now to save your license from suspension and devise a strong defense.

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