Criminal Defense Lawyer Orange County

Have you been arrested for drunken driving in Orange County?   Perhaps you had a beer or two on your way from work or you overindulged in a party and innocently thought you could drive home without any hiccups.  Either way, things didn’t go according to plan.  Out of nowhere you saw flashing blue lights on your side mirror and realized you were being pulled over by a police officer.

^5F4E88C05A5A7D313DEC8A3A01FDEAEAC58C00E34A766C5CF4^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr.jpgA few moments later you found yourself sitting in a cold cell trying to come to terms with the reality of being arrested for a DUI (Driving under the influence) charge.  As expected, you had a lot of questions buzzing in your mind especially if this was your first run-in with the law.  Will the DUI charge cost you your license? Will you be required to pay a hefty fine? Could you actually go to jail?  These questions can be quite overwhelming, and rightfully so.

The state of California takes DUI offenses very seriously.  In addition to the aforementioned possibilities, a conviction would not only be a permanent blemish on your criminal record which will negatively affect your career prospects, but it might also result in a loss of privileges. The judge may order a mandatory ignition interlock device installed in your car for a significant period. The device requires a breath sample to compare with a preset blood alcohol level before the engine can start. Needless to say, this would greatly limit your social life.  The best way to protect yourself against all these in your upcoming court hearing is by hiring a DUI lawyer.

Why Choose Us?  Robert Miller and Associates has been providing expert DUI representation to Criminal Defense Lawyer Orange County residents for over 23 years.  During this time, we have handled numerous cases which have either been dismissed or resolved with favorable outcomes for our clients.  At Robert Miller and Associates we FIGHT for our clients.

Since we are a specialized DUI law firm we are highly experienced in our practice and this enables us to resolve even the most complex DUI matters.  If you have a scheduled court hearing, we can work hard and fast to help you.

Other reasons to hire us:

  1. Free consultations. We hear your case, understand your position and then explain possible actions to take in simple language at no charge. Once satisfied, you can hire us and choose a convenient payment plan.
  2. Good communication. We provide regular updates to all our clients on the progress of their cases as well as provide any other information the client might request. This helps keep our clients at ease and enables us to better meet their legal needs.
  3. Robert Miller and Associates is a law firm of consummate professionals. In all our interactions you can expect courtesy, diligence and effective advocacy. We are respectful, friendly and personable to all our clients and prospects. This enables us to forge great relationships to help solve our clients’ problems.
  4. When working on a case we are driven to do all that is necessary in order to have a successful outcome. Commitment is at the core of our business values.
  5. Honest, We have very high ethical standards. As one of the best Orange County DUI attorneys, we place great value on honesty and maintain transparency in all our dealings.  When you contact us we will provide you with an accurate evaluation of your case and the best options for you to consider regardless of how they affect us.
  6. Passion We understand the possible long-term implications associated with DUI charges which is why we are very passionate to get you the best possible result. We are driven by a deep thirst for justice and we will not relent until you get a favorable outcome for your case.
  7. We stay current We consistently keep up with the changing laws as well as the scientific principles and technology used by law enforcement in order to accord our clients the best representation possible.

Contact Us  

The lawyer you hire matters.

Don’t compromise on your defense. Get the best DUI lawyer.  Contact us today either via phone at (877) 353-0221 or send us an email through our contact form to schedule a consultation.  The sooner you reach out, the sooner we can help you resolve your DUI problem.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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