When it’s Time to Hire a DUI Lawyer in Orange County, California

Dealing with court battles can be a huge challenge for anyone who has never handled court procedures before. For instance, if you are facing charges of drunken driving, you are set for dire consequences such as losing your license, getting an arrest and conviction on your record, and paying hefty fines. While cases can be handled by any criminal defense attorney Orange County, hiring the best Orange County DUI lawyer is always the best bet. Since the prosecution has to prove all elements of the case beyond a reasonable doubt, experienced attorneys can turn the unknowns of the cases in court into manageable and understandable defenses that can help your case. In the worst cases, they can also assist you to get the least severe consequences. The following are reasons you should get an attorney to help with your DUI arrest and case.

Attorneys that have education and training in DUI cases have experience, and they can help a client look at different possibilities and consequences. Our DUI lawyer in Orange County, Robert Miller, has over 23 years of experience specializing in DUI and handling DUI cases in Orange County courts. Lawyers that know how best to negotiate a case can argue to get a warning or a lesser penalty.


If you consider going to court on your case without a proper legal representative, you might end up getting heavy penalties for your case that could have otherwise been avoided, and even have your driving privileges revoked.

Legal professionals that specialize in DUI defense have a variety of services they provide and offer to individuals. An Orange County DUI attorney can have access to your court case, and all police reports, and help review your chances for success with various strategies even before your court date.  This means that you have both an advantage, in that the defense can start planning and gathering evidence before the courtroom prosecutors even know the first fact about the case and can lead to you having much higher chances of getting a fair judgment.

The intricacies of this area of law are hard to comprehend for ordinary persons without a scientific background, and the simple crime of driving under the influence can lead to serious consequences.

An experienced DUI attorney in Orange County can explain in detail the effects and the charges.

A person arrested for DUI typically feels guilty and might be tempted to plead guilty to the offense. Pleading guilty is not always the right thing to do as there are substantial penalties. The arrested person needs to get an expert opinion before pleading guilty. The advocates have studied the law and expertise in this niche, so they will be in a better position to decide on the DUI offenses committed. They can advise a driver, whether underage, or out of state, or not, who has been arrested for this crime the consequences and then represent them and present evidence and argument on their behalf to get a fair judgment.

Those that plead guilty to DUI can find it difficult to have a verdict reversed if the sentence turns out to be harsher than they expected.  Every law has a minimum and a maximum, and judges are free to choose between any available punishment in that range (up to 180 days in county jail) once you plead guilty to even a first time DUI.

Working with qualified Orange County DUI attorneys, who know the law, and know the personalities involved in your court case, can help you, and help the judge to learn about you, and your situation, and present all mitigating evidence and potential defenses before you are sentenced.

Gavel, Alcoholic Drink & Car Keys on a Gradating to White Background - Drinking and Driving Concept.

In many cases, a first time offender may get a reduced sentence and a warning, or be placed on informal probation with an option to expunge the conviction later. Plea bargaining is useful in DUI cases, as it contributes to reducing the heavy fines and the number of years of probation (and other sentencing issues, like DNA, a MADD presentation, and search and seizure terms while on probation).  Find yourself a DUI expert who does this on your behalf.

Experienced trial attorneys that handle only DUI, like our firm, are conversant with generally all court procedures, and all defenses, related to DUI.

When it comes to your case, you need to follow the legal processes, which include the prosecutor filing your case within the statute of limitations, and the separate DMV hearing related to your driver’s license. Lawyers who specialize in the field of DUI defense will come in handy to see that you get the aid in defending your case as it is a lengthy and complex procedure, and involves analyzing all the possible outcomes of your case, and keeping up updated, and psychologically prepared.

An Orange County DUI Attorney can and will help you minimize all possible negative outcomes.If you are found guilty, the lawyers can negotiate with the judge or prosecutor to reduce the jail term. There is always something that can be done to help minimize the damage of your case and stand between you and the punishment that the prosecutor seeks to impose.

Our firm of Orange County DUI Lawyers have the experience in dealing with such matters. Our 23 years’ of courtroom experience in DUI cases, and special training in field sobriety tests, breath testing, and blood testing, will help them in assessing your matter and devising ways to get you through this process with as little stress as possible. We have worked with similar matters before, and hence they know all the loopholes and ways to get out of the problem. That gives you the confidence of obtaining your freedom back after a while.

We have a way of turning even the cases with the worst facts around. Maybe you feel you are guilty; and that’s common, but the issue is what punishment you should get, or if your rights are protected during the court process, which is where our law firm of professionals that practice only in DUI defense can help you greatly.

DUI cases usually involve investigation, gathering relevant facts, pursuing a defense at both the DMV and the court, and asserting your facts, situation, and factors, and pursue justice on your behalf.

Our law firm is a team of legal professionals, with decades of experience in gathering and analyzing the facts in DUI cases, and with an impressive list of cases that we have won, and clients just like you that we have helped over the years.  We are the best in the field of DUI defense in Orange County, California.

Please contact us today for free consultation to find out more about our services, and all of your rights, so that we can know how to protect you.

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