Why Hire a DUI Lawyer?

It is a common crime in all states for a motorist to drive a vehicle while impaired with the effects of drugs or alcohol. Depending on the state in which the person has committed a crime the offense is called the driving under the influence (DUI) crime. DWI which is an abbreviation for Driving while intoxicated is the similar term to DUI and it can be used for the same offense or crime. In case you have committed such a rime then you would need a DUI lawyer to help you with getting sentenced or fine.


Even if the evidence of blood to alcohol concentration shows impairment, a good lawyer can use his expertise to dismiss the case or to reduce the charges on the offender. Attorneys can be handled by the lawyer, and they can then be negotiated fora lesser sentence and treatment diversion programs. The driver, although in such cases will receive some criminal sentence such fine or even jail. There can be a possibility that the judge might suspend or revoke the driver’s license of the offender. But it all depends on the severity of the crime and whether is it his first crime. Hiring a DUI attorney will help you to obtain driving privileges with the condition of using an ignition interlock device.


DUI attorney lawyer knows the different terms of crimes associated with the drunk driving. Even if the blood to an alcohol concentration of the driver reads close to the legal limit, then a DUI lawyer can argue that there can be a possibility that the breathalyzer was incorrect. If he manages to prove it right then, you will only be charged with reckless driving. He can also try to prove that the driver was not intoxicated at all but this happens very rarely. He will also read your charge report and can determine whether the driver had consumed the illegal amount of drugs or alcohol or was it below the legal amount. If it’s the legal amount, then he will help the driver to be charged with we driving only.

Most probably the driver will then put on a probation period with the reduced punishments. You can reduce your court charges with DUI, but he cannot help you with your car insurance. The car insurance company will see the report for arrest for wet reckless driving and will adjust the premium accordingly.

What to look for in a DUI attorney?

There are some factors that you can consider while hiring a DUI attorney. You can check his familiarity with the DUI laws of the state. Ask him about how many cases he has been involved in the past and how much his legal services are devoted to defending the DUI cases. You can also consider his fees for the services that he charge. Relationship of the attorney with the prosecution can be very beneficial for the driver so you can make an effort to find a lawyer that has good relations with the prosecutor.



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